A life begins with lust




Little-known fact: Jimmy and Dwayne Johnson used to have pretty serious careers as fitness instructors.

Part 1 / Part 2

this is too good!!!!

Your new workout motivation.

I knew I could count on Becky to tell the truth :)

Does it piss anybody else off that Ariana grande’s song put your hearts up has a piece of 4 non blondes in it?

go buy it! :)


Vin: you know what today is?
Me: no?
Vin: the man landed on the moon 45 years ago
Me: I don't believe that really happened
Vin: what do you mean?
Me: if no one can do that today, how was someone able to do it 45 years ago? And where is the flag? Is it still on the moon? It shouldn't move because there's no gravity or wind or anything... Speaking of wind, when he placed the flag on the moon, the flag is waving. How is it waving if there's no wind???
Vin: well.... Now that you just killed that excitement...
Me: seriously though! They think it was staged! Didn't you ever see the videos?!


RIP James Garner (April 17th 1928 - July 19th 2014)

I was just saying this past week how much I liked him…





I really hope Becky does the right thing and stands up for Zoe… The trial really kinda is over unless Becky speaks up…
And if she’s not 100% comfortable with what “side” to take, why would she agree to be questioned on the stand???

so my random thought…

if you think about your Grandparents musical era, you have Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Doris Day, the Andrew Sisters, Sammy Davis Jr, Tony Bennett, etc

Think about your parents musical era and you have the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Monkees, Dave Clark Five, Rascals, Beach Boys, the Who, the Supremes, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, etc

The music to define our generation…. O_o




Jimmy weighs in on the good and the bad of dating in the nude!

The fourth & the last one omg

These are definitely things to consider before dating in the nude. 


So fetch.

Why do so many people care whether Selena Gomez had a boob job or not? There’s nothing else better to talk about?

And I have to say, it kind of pisses me off. Not just about her (honestly I am not a fan of her) but any female that has a job done, why is it anybody’s business to discuss?

It’s just another personal decision that women make about their bodies that everybody feels the need to voice their opinion on.

We never have these kind of discussions about men, so can we stop having them about women please?